Detailed View of a Solar Eclipse Corona

"Only in the fleeting darkness of a total solar eclipse is the light of the solar corona easily visible."


Vegan Pizza for lunch
(Hemp flour, aubergine, zucchini, champignons, guacamole)
#vegan #veganfood #veganpizza #hempflour #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #veggies #vegi #hemp #guacamole (at navi’s beautiful home)

Even US Soldiers are Waking up to the New World Order

Afraid? Scared?
Remember that fear is used to control people.
It’s been used to start wars since forever, all for a few wealthy psychopath’s profit and power.
They keep on getting better at it. They own most of the TV, radio, print outlets. ISIS like Al Qaeda is just another distraction to make us all scared and angry … but more and more of us are waking up, and they are getting desperate.
Follow the money trail, it never lies.

Fear sells weapons.

Let’s all switch the light off?, hey at least National Grid will know how many people are still falling for it.

Let me guess… the mainstream media has yet again not explained how wars are funded…

pill0whead said: I have yet to watch the video, but can all the necessities of life such as food be paid for with bitcoin? “

More merchants are starting to accept bitcoin. It’s only a matter of time until high street retailers start to take it. By demanding your employer pay you in bitcoin they will probably want to know how to get it. At this point they would realise the zero-cost and no-fraud-risk benefits of accepting it as a merchant… which can then be passed onto employees and customers.

We are still in the early stages, bitcoin is only 5 years old, there are already some large online retailers accepting it like and, but it’s come a long way.

Small businesses stand to benefit the most from accepting bitcoin as there are no fees and the transaction is one way… this is unlike paying visa / mastercard a large amount for accepting even small transactions and still being subject to fraud.

Once enough customers ask to pay in local shops with bitcoin, or enough employees demand to be paid in it, then it will probably start to a chain-reaction quite quickly.

I’m always asking in various shops if I can pay with bitcoin. You can already buy takeaway food with it. The day I can buy a bag of kale and some apples with bitcoin will be glorious! :)

Want to stop war?
DEMAND to be paid in bitcoin.

A small handful of money creators have hijacked the planet.