Photo of the Day: Surprising Fly By

Photography by Elena Murzyn (Woodinville, Washington); Woodinville, Washington

do you think we’re ever going to stop? do you think we’re ever going to give up when we know the fight is the only thing that matters because it is for nothing less than the future freedom of the human species?

you will beat us, you will arrest us, you will humiliate us, you will smear us, but nothing you throw at us is ever, ever going to stop us when we know this is exactly what we are here for right now - to fight this fight and win or die trying.
with every fibre of our beings, i do not exaggerate, we will try to protect humanity from the psychotic but extremely clever lunatics that want to control the whole planet for themselves, when it was made in abundance for everyone to share.

does it not make you even a little bit curious that we’re fighting for the right things with the right reasons and doing it the right way - peacefully and intelligently - and no matter what is thrown at us we keep coming back for more - louder, stronger, smarter?

because either you don’t believe this is really happening and everything is fine, or you can see very well it is happening but you think there is nothing we can do about it so we might as well accept our fate and leave all future generations to a horrible slavery they will never be able to do anything about.

if you don’t believe it’s happening here’s why i know i and my friends aren’t mad and you are:

1) money and the bank of england. you use money for the things you need and the things you want. that money is owned and controlled by a small group of private individuals who make a profit for themselves on all money issued. the bank of england is not the country’s bank. it is a private corporation with shareholders who earn vast profits from EVERYBODY’S endeavour, exactly the same as the federal reserve in america. they are so-named so as to deceive us, like many, many things when you are ready to start uncovering the truth.

2) the mass consciousness is manipulated by the mass media, so whatever they say most people believe. this gives it enormous power to control the thoughts of vast numbers of people. everybody is getting propagandised, all the time, way more and in more ways than they know.

3) there are millions of hypotheses about what exactly happened on 9/11 but the most ludicrous of them all is that osama bin laden and al-qaeda somehow defeated the world’s most technically-advanced military nation to carry it out.
think about it, from this one atrocity the u.s and its nato allies invaded nations, murdered millions, poisoned and brutalised and tortured innocent civilians and enforced draconian ‘security’ laws domestically. and why? they were nothing to do with 9/11. how many attempted invasions of britain or america have their been since 1945? then how come we have fought more wars since then than the 100 years before? we live in the most brutal combative countries in the world - and while we sleep our human brothers and sisters thousands of miles away are being slaughtered and tortured and raped and robbed. is this still ok with you?

4) paedophiles, or should we say child rapists, connected and inside number 10 downing street and buckingham palace, from the 1960’s right until now. the highest echelons of power in britain harbouring child rapists. this is not a partisan issue either - just like mp’s stealing expenses are from all the parties, it’s the same with child-rapists - cyril smith and labour mp’s have all been implicated and convicted as well as the traditional tory perverts. a witness has also named the queen mother in child abuse rings. seriously, how rotten is your country really? the daily express printed a headline last year that said diana was murdered by the sas - why it didn’t create an uproar i have no idea - who tells the sas to kill british citizens? can they have anyone killed if they go against the establishment then? i thought we were free?

5) everything is geared towards selfishness, competition, division and success/ failure/ survival of the fittest (tv competitions to be famous abound.)
how does that serve us best exactly? if you agree with the status quo because of scarcity and over-population, i will refer you back to point 2. the world’s population could live on the land mass of australia with 1/4 acre each, and there is no scarcity of anything, just the control of basic resources by a few oligarchs to make it appear that way. we don’t mind so much that millions of africans or asians are dying because it’s ‘less mouths to feed in these hard times.’ we accept the premise of these maniacs, and our downfall begins. there is another story, another way of doing things.

6) operation paperclip. in 1944 the united states smuggled thousands of top nazi scientists, film-makers, propagandists and others out of germany to begin working for them. consider this for a minute.

now anybody that is aware of the ndaa and the tpp/ ttip should be extremely alarmed at the current state of the world’s supposedly biggest democracy. if you are not aware of those acronyms i refer you once again to point 2, and urge you to search and find out before they remove the last freedoms you have.

7) fracking & gmo’s. this leads in part back to the false scarcity mentioned as the reasons for having these most destructive of technologies - for fracking WILL poison the natural water supply wherever it is carried out (all well casings fail eventually,) and genetically-modified food will not feed the world, it will starve it - by destroying all natural crops and seeds - remember monsanto makes terminator genes which do not produce seed - again all about profit and control. cross-breeding is NOT the same as interfering with dna. the earth/ universe does a fine job of this technology all by itself, has done for billions of years.
it is only by accepting the premise of overpopulation and scarcity that gmo makes any sense. the reason billions can’t feed themselves is because of the banks who demand a country’s produce as exports to pay for loans signed by corrupt rulers.

they have been found out as liars and cheats and perverts and fraudsters again and again and people still don’t believe it - they prefer the comfort of the lie they were first sold rather than to actually examine everything again. they do this with everything. they get us entrenched in ideas and viewpoints and religions and clubs so we pick and keep them for life, perhaps feeling that we would appear weak and unsure of ourselves to simply change our minds with better information.
but there is no reason to do this. why shouldn’t we keep a totally open mind and accept better ideas and better information if they come along?

god this is a long post already. for the first time in my life i know what i should be doing and why i’m doing it, and it feels brilliant.
hope you have caught or can catch it too. please share ;)

peace & love & freedom xxx


This booklet brings together three essays from the left-libertarian tradition on emerging ecological orders and environmental protection in a freed-market society. The first, “A Libertarian Technology of Ecology” was originally published in the Summer 1969 issue of The Innovator: Applications, Experiments, and Developments in Liberty, a radical libertarian newsletter that ran from 1964-1969. The article was signed by “Ho Chi Zen,” a pen name commonly used by Kerry Thornley (1938-1998), a market anarchist author, counterculture publisher, and Nonprophet of Discordianism. The second, “Environmental Destruction” is excerpted and abridged from “Destroying the Environment,” Chapter 8 of Mary Ruwart’s book, Healing Our World in an Age of Aggression (1993). The third, “Deeper Ecology and Deeper Markets” was originally published as “Closing the Green Gap of Market Liberalism,” in The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty (December 1994), by Karl Hess, Jr. (Karl Hess IV), a left-market anarchist, a noted libertarian ecologist and champion of appropriate technology (and son of the ground-breaking left-libertarian radical and political theorist Karl Hess, Sr.).

“Conservation is often considered a statist bugaboo but, in fact, the problem of ecological upset is a real one — made all the more pressing by the fact that statist solutions of increased legal restriction do not work. Those who do the most polluting and destroying also have the most political influence in a society where government and business are interdependent partners. What is needed, instead of more laws cranked out by conditioned reflex, is the same kind of rational, scientific and cybernetic epistemology that is now used in DISCOVERING ecological problems, but not in solving them! Doubtlessly, such spiraling cycles of thought, experimentation, and data collection on the subject would transcend the legalistic, regulatory solutions in short order… .” —Kerry Thornley

“While the market of global process and exchange is essential to the well­being of society, it is not sufficient for most people’s happiness. The market that matters most to people lies closest to home, the marketplace where people gather to exchange in voluntary fashion everything from cash to good ideas to friendship to mutual aid and cooperation. It is the deep market of community, the cooperative flip side to the market of competition and impersonal economic forces. Therein lies the challenge to both greens and market liberals—how to save the marketplace from both the state and the impersonal market. Free marketeers must look beyond market gimmicks to solve festering environmental problems in a manner still con­sistent with liberty. The new environmental commons of ecolog­ical processes and unbounded communities of plants and ani­mals demand solutions that encompass and yet go beyond ord­inary markets and property rights. The environmental commons is a challenge to community—or, in the absence of community, a challenge that will be eagerly taken up by a centralized state in search of an equivalent to militarism… .” —Karl Hess, Jr.

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Go HD and full screen and marvel at the data!

    Blue = sea salt
    Green = organics
    Red = dust
    White = sulfates

Check out the full NASA video below, featuring simulated global “stuff in the air” over a two year period on Earth. Ain’t Earth beautiful? (Even if, as in this case, it’s a 3 million processor-hour computer animation)

Wonderful night at Barton Moss farewell party!
Since I first started going in January have met some amazing people and feel like I am surrounded by friends and great company every time I go.

Much love and respect to you all and a big thanks for helping to protect our community. People locally and from afar who supported over the months, in winter weather conditions and in mud, have been telling me how this had changed their life, put things into perspective and have had a positive effect on their lives. It’s had the same effect on me :)

A big thank you also for the support not just in person, but to the live stream viewers, the sharing online, and the getting the message out there in whatever way. Some call them keyboard warriors :)

Everyone is going off to different camps and various places but I hope to see them soon. Looking at the Upton and Retford camps.
It’s been fun. This is just the beginning :D love x