Cameron trying to justify sending other people to their death. Using an imagined scenario to instil fear in the public. All for profit.

The revolution will not be centralised.

For me it’s between having activists being in parliament actually working for us, or no government at all as we know it. Not sure we’ve ever had the former.

If activist parties (like Green Party or Pirate Party) are prevented getting into parliament yet again due to the same old setup of corporate money funding the same old parties (and lamestream media) who work primarily for the corporations, then I believe we will witness the oligarchy’s ultimate demise. The ruling class, the 0.01%, the usual maniacs always wanting more power over us; will ultimately lose control of the very population who have unknowingly served them when those people find out that all along they have been lied to.

I predict this corporatocracy/financial oligarchy/non-democracy set-up (designed to control us and give us the illusion of choice) is going to get a little more ridiculous before collapsing. It wont be easy, there will be many challenges, but there will be a dawn, when people begin waking up for the first time.

There are going to be a lot of confused people looking for answers, and the more ideas and knowledge we are arm ourselves with now the more we can inform and inspire when the time comes. Be ready for when it happens.

If we cooperate, and remember the importance of forgiving others by remembering that we were all babies once, we can decide without prejudging, that we are not natural enemies, that attachments to material things end up owning us, and we can build the world we want together.

Be kind and loving :) It’s about to get more interesting!

*Beware of the leader whose power cannot be removed.*

Stay detuned. x


In February, the Ivanpah Solar Electricity Generating System opened over a 3,500-acre stretch of the Mojave Desert. The solar thermal farm operates at 392 megawatts—just under 1 percent of California’s total energy production, or enough to power 140,000 homes.

The Ivanpah solar farm eliminates 450,000 tons of carbon emissions annually, the equivalent of taking 88,000 cars off the road.

This article originally appeared in the May 2014 issue of Popular Science.


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