The ultimate protest against animal exploitation.

Benjamin Zephaniah has put this so well. Excellent!

Becoming Vegan

I understand that living a vegan lifestyle is not something that is done overnight. It has taken me months to find alternative foods and get used to the idea. I have grown up in a society where meat and dairy consumption has been advertised as normal human behaviour and something that everyone should be feeding themselves with to survive, which of course is a myth.

Giving up the readily available milk chocolate has been the most challenging thing for me, and the last thing left. Thankfully there are dairy free milk chocolate alternatives, but I’m really starting to love dark chocolate instead. :)

I love all the things you can do with vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, roots, etc. So much more variety, textures and nutrition than meat.

If you look at cookery programs, they are obsessed with meat! Every dish, going with tradition, must have some kind of cooked animal on the plate. After practising vegan for a while it seems people don’t look outside of what they’ve been brought up with and insist a meal must have meat for them to be satisfied. In actual fact those people have likely not tried a month or two just eating things that have grown from the ground, with no animals or anything coming from animals.

Finding that I could eat tasty, fulfilling food grown in the ground knowing that no animal had been harmed in the process has been a very uplifting and liberating discovery. I can survive, and enjoy good food, with better nutrition without causing harm or suffering.

Eating food has never been so good! My life has never been so ethically sound. I am being as compassionate as I always wanted to be, looking after the life and planet around me and my body.

It feels very good and I recommend it! I understand now why many vegans want to tell everyone that they are vegan.

Being a vegetarian is pointless because animals are still tortured, killed and enslaved for dairy and eggs. Go vegan.

Living a lifestyle is most ethical with significant health benefits.